Made a Blog, Why?

Welcome to my brand new work-in-progress blog! This post will outline my thoughts behind creating a blog and what purpose it will serve. Spoiler: It’s all about fun and games.


I used to have a blog back in 2004-2007. It has gathered a lot of dust since 2007 and now here’s a new blog. So why create a new blog?

Why create a blog

In short, I have the following reasons for creating this blog:

  • I’m planning on doing a development log (devlog) on my next game. For this, I need to get into the habit of sharing my thoughts, development process and, especially, progress – however minute.

  • I’ve had a programming language epiphany. It’s called Haxe and it’s pretty great. I won’t be forcing it down your throat but there’ll be a lot of Haxe snippets strewn around in my posts.

  • Switching to Haxe for game development had a major positive effect I didn’t quite expect. Prior to using Haxe my primary programming language for game development was JavaScript. With JavaScript I spend a lot of my time fighting with the language, the tools and the libraries. When I switched to Haxe everything just worked! Several times I found myself genuinely surprised that everything worked so smoothly. I could start focusing complete on the programming tasks at hand and that increased my enjoyment manyfold.

  • I’m actually quite fond of writing and haven’t had any proper reason for writing, that is, outside of writing code.

  • All the cool kids are doing it.

So, there it is. The general purpose of my blog. I hope to be sharing some interesting things here.